Mar del Plata offers several commercial areas around the city with a wide range of shopping options for tourists and locals.

Microcentro Commercial Area: It is delimited by Rivadavia St. and San Martin St. from Independencia Ave. to Boulevard Marítimo Peralta Ramos St. and the transversal arteries. San Martin St. (pedestrianized street) is also located in this area and represents the shopping core of the city. The pedestrianized section of San Martin St. extends from the coast to the Cathedral and gathers clothing stores, exchange agencies, banks and two traditional malls with food courts, cinemas and amusement arcades.

Güemes Commercial Area: Güemes, Olavarría and Alvear streets from Falucho St. to Rodriguez Peña St. comprise shops offering exclusive brands, a wide range of gastronomic options and the main brew houses in the city.

Juan B. Justo Commercial Area: Along Juan B. Justo Ave. from Buenos Aires St. to Leandro N. Alem St., more than 200 shops offer affordable quality clothing. The area gathers outlet stores selling important brands and factories selling products in the same location they are produced.

12 de Octubre Commercial Area: The port's commercial centre is delimited by De los Trabajadores Ave, 12 de Octubre St., Triunvirato St. and Magallanes St.

Alberti Commercial Area: This dynamic, modern and complete area extends along Alberti St. from Olavarría St. to Córdoba St.. It boasts more than 250 stores with a wide variety of products, an attractive cultural centre and a shopping mall.

Constitución Commercial Area: Constitución Ave. from the Motorway 2 access to the coast offers restaurants, shoppings, bars, cafés and nightclubs for young people. This family-friendly commercial area is decorated with palm trees along the renewed boulevard.

Tejedor Commercial Area: It complements the northern area commercial options. It is delimited by Juan H. Jara Ave. and Carlos Tejedor Ave. From Santa Cruz St. to Constitución Ave.

Playa Grande Commercial Area: It is located in the heart of the traditional Los Troncos neighbourhood surrounded by wonderful architecture and parkland. The commercial extends along Alem St. from Almafuerte St. and Roca St. and Bernardo de Irigoyen St. from Almafuerte St. to Primera Junta St.

Punta Mogotes Commercial Area: This area comprises De los Trabajadores Ave. from Lebenshon St. to Nápoles St.; Puán St. from De los Trabajadores Ave. To Croce St. and Acevedo St. from De los Trabajadores Ave. to Nápoles St.

San Juan Commercial Area: It is one of the oldest commercial centres. It comprises San Juan St. from Colón Ave. and Luro Ave. and the transversal streets. Near the train and coach station, the arae is easy accessible by multiple bus lines and it offers a wide range of shopping options.

Talcahuano Commercial Area: It comprises Talcahuano St. from Juan B. Justo Ave. to Ayolas St. and it is connected to Juan B. Justo commercial centre.

Sierra de los Padres Commercial Area: A different area with stores in natural settings. traditional handicrafts, regional products and gastronomic options. It comprises Camino Padre Luis Varetto Roadfrom Route 226 to the Arch and the Sierra de los Padres neighbourhood.