Along its 47-kilometre coast, Mar del Plata offers beaches with different characteristics which suit all tastes. These beaches are: Bristol, Popular, Punta Iglesia and Las Toscas (downtown beaches); Varese and Cabo Corrientes (with calm waters protected by breakwaters), La Perla (traditional area); the northern beaches (with T-shaped breakwaters), Playa Grande (surfing area); Punta Mogotes (vast expanses of sand); the small beaches by the cliffs (southwards), Alfar beaches (surrounded by woods) and the naturist beach located in the south of Chapadmalal.

Private seaside resorts stretch to the south of the Punta Mogotes Lighthouse, tempting visitors to reach the seaside in 4x4 vehicles; to challenge the waves on boats and jet skies; to practise surfing and windsurfing; to enjoy Marplatense cuisine while enjoying breathtaking ocean views, to go dancing till daylight or to enjoy concerts. 

Marplatense beaches are gently sloped and offer a wide range of facilities, such as, beach tent and sunshade hire, gastronomy options, recreational activities and lifeguard supervision.

Beaches in Mar del Plata

Faro Norte - Balneario 05 - Marbella
Av. de los Trabajadores 4800 Punta Cantera Playa
Teléfono/fax:(0223) 467-0208         
Zona: Punta Cantera Playa
Servicios: Alq. de carpas, Alq. de sombrillas, Cochera cubierta c/ toldo o simil., Cochera descubierta, Gastronomía, Pileta, Polirrubro, Vestuarios, Wi-fi
Activ. Recreativas: Cancha de básquet, Cancha de fútbol 5, Cancha de paddle, Cancha de vóley, Clases de gimnasia, Club de niños
Transporte de aprox.: 221 // 511 A // 511 CH.
Zona: Punta Cantera, Playa
Det. Accesibilidad: Rampa de acceso y sanitario accesible.
Rampa de Acceso: SI
Sanitario Accesible: SI